MUSLIM LEADER Promises More VIOLENCE-RIOTING in Charlotte: ‘We’re Not Telling Our Brothers to Stop!”

Charlotte race protesters rioted, injured police officers, hurled rocks at reporters and cars, looted and torched trucks on the interstate, looted Walmart and trashed a police cruiser on Tuesday night.

The riots started after 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by a Charlotte police officer on Tuesday.
** Scott was shot by a black police officer.
Protesters said Scott was reaching for a book in his car. Police said he was armed and reaching for a gun.

 Hundreds of protesters looted Walmart after the shooting.

The Nation of Islam leader was asked to speak during the Scott family’s press conference.
He opened his statement praising Allah. Then he lashed out at whitey.
He promised more rioting and called for a boycott of Charlotte.

What we’re standing up now for is our black manhood and our black people who are being gunned down in the street and we don’t get no justice… We’re not telling our brothers and sisters to stop!

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