NASA: Facts And Consensus – Insects for dinner? FAKE meat?

Image: BBC Climate Check–April 2021

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Video: Tony Heller
NASA temperature graphs form much of the basis of climate science and policy. But they have little or nothing to do with reality, and are propaganda tools rather than science.

As shown in the video above, the science and data presented by the “Green” left got nothing to do with real science or real data, like everything else from and by the corrupt far left, it is as FAKE as a $3-bill. From a FAKE and illegitimate puppet in the White House to their FAKE claim that we have to eat insects in order to control the sun (i.e. to save the planet).

Just thinking about eating garbage makes normal people wanting to vomit simply because evolution has taught, at least normal people, – everything dirty is disgusting, it can be poisonous and has the potential of making you very sick, it can even kill you.

Eating Insects and ‘Climate Lockdowns’: What the Outrageous ‘Green New Deal’ Means for Your Future

Worms For Dinner?

Normal, sane people won’t eat garbage, a fact the “Green” left probably is fully aware of. But after making real meet very expensive due to cow fart controlling the sun (mostly NOT!) the “Green” industry is soon ready to supply the market with, you guessed it – FAKE meat:

Gore’s fake meat business hits tough times: Beyond Meat loss exceeds forecasts on higher costs, slow restaurant sales

Morano commentary on Al Gore’s Quest to Be the First Fake Meat Billionaire

Beef Control! NPR Promotes New York Times Food Writer’s ‘War On Meat’

If you think blaming cow fart for the non existing (Man Made) Global Warming BS had anything to do with reality, you were sadly mistaken.

It’s just another scheme by the corrupt, “Green” left to make money. Isn’t it amazing how much the left loves real money when everything they are selling is FAKE??

R. J. L.

President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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