NASA WARNING! Tomorrow, a devastating 180-foot asteroid will be rushing towards Earth.

According to NASA, a massive 180-foot diameter asteroid with the designation Asteroid 2022 QB22 that is almost the size of a big commercial airplane will just barely miss Earth tomorrow as it flies by at incredible speed. If the asteroid makes surface contact with Earth, it will be massive enough to wipe out all life and destroy the planet completely. The unusually close proximity with which it will pass by Earth has worried space agencies even though it is fair to say that people on Earth won’t be affected as it goes by at a safe distance.
Tomorrow, September 9, at a distance of just 5.4 million kilometers and a speed of 63,000 kilometers per hour, the asteroid 2022 QB22 will narrowly miss Earth. Due to the asteroid’s incredibly close approach to Earth, it was nonetheless categorized as a potentially hazardous asteroid even though it poses no real harm to the planet and would pass safely by.

Who keeps an eye out for near-Earth objects in the sky?

A growing number of asteroids have been passing safely by Earth. With the use of telescopes, NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office keeps track on impending near-Earth object (NEO) flybys. More than 750,000 asteroids have been found so far with the use of sophisticated telescopes, more than 27,000 of which are near-Earth asteroids.

Dinosaur-killing asteroid location found

When an asteroid collided with Earth, it caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Now that the asteroid that caused an extinction-level event has been found, astronomers can pinpoint its exact point of impact. It struck the earth more than 65 million years ago at Chicxulub in Mexico, close to the Yucatan Peninsula.
The impact would have created enormous tidal waves and an impact crater that was almost 140 kilometers wide. The impact would have sent pieces of the land into space, turning the planet into a place akin to nuclear winter.
Additionally, the impact would have set off large-scale earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Scientists believe that the primary cause of the demise of the dinosaurs would have been these cataclysmic circumstances.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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