Nasa’s moon rocket moved to launch pad for first test flight

The Artemis rocket moves slowly to pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Centre (Terry Renna/AP)

Nasa is aiming for an August 29 lift-off for the lunar test flight.


Nasa’s new moon rocket arrived at the launch pad on Wednesday ahead of its debut flight in less than two weeks.
The 322ft rocket emerged from its mammoth hangar late on Tuesday, drawing crowds of Kennedy Space Centre workers.
It took nearly 10 hours for the rocket to make the four-mile trip to the pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida, pulling up at sunrise.

Nasa is aiming for an August 29 lift-off for the lunar test flight.


No-one will be inside the crew capsule atop the rocket, just three mannequins – test dummies swarming with sensors to measure radiation and vibration.
The capsule will fly around the moon in a distant orbit for a couple weeks, before heading back for a splashdown in the Pacific.
The entire flight should last six weeks.
The flight is the first moonshot in Nasa’s Artemis programme.

The space agency is aiming for a lunar-orbiting flight with astronauts in two years and a lunar landing by a human crew as early as 2025.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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