NASA’s Webb telescope captures first evidence of carbon dioxide on an exoplanet

The first definitive proof of carbon dioxide in an exoplanet’s atmosphere has been observed by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Exoplanets are planets outside of our solar system.
According to NASA, the exoplanet WASP-39b is a hot gas giant that is 700 light-years away from Earth and is a part of a bigger Webb research that also includes two additional transiting planets. The organization said in a press release that understanding the atmospheric composition of planets like WASP-39b is essential for understanding their beginnings and how they evolved.

NASA and Boeing push back first Starliner astronaut mission to 2023

Boeing’s long-delayed Starliner spaceship will now make its maiden crewed journey in early 2023, NASA and Boeing officials announced during a joint press conference on Thursday.
According to Steve Stich, manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, the mission might launch as early as February.
By the end of 2022, Starliner was supposed to put astronauts on the moon. However, the timeline was delayed due to ongoing work on a number of significant concerns that were discovered during a Starliner test flight without crew in May.
Already years behind schedule, Starliner. The Crew Dragon spacecraft from SpaceX, which has been transporting humans to and from the International Space Station since May 2020, is meant to perform the same function.







By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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