Netherlands orders Beijing to close illegal Chinese police offices

The Dutch government has given the Chinese “service stations” stern instructions to shut down these unlawful offices set up to put an end to dissidents abroad. According to reports in the media on Tuesday, the Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra declared that these offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam will be shut down immediately.
On paper, the overseas stations are there to provide diplomatic services, but a shocking investigation by Safeguards Defender found that the public security bureaus from two Chinese provinces had set up 54 stations across five continents and 21 countries in order to intimidate Chinese nationals living abroad. The article claims that these stations engage in “persuasion operations” to force people who are suspected of speaking out against the Chinese government to go back home.
The Dutch media spoke to a Chinese dissident who claimed to have gotten a phone call from the same station earlier this year advising him to go back to China under danger of facing persecution for his family members back home. Following that conversation, Wang Jingyu said he was the target of a deliberate campaign of intimidation and harassment by operatives of the Chinese government.

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The two allegedly unauthorized police stations that China allegedly established in the Netherlands are being “investigated” by the Dutch foreign ministry.

On Monday, three Tibetan organizations in the Netherlands wrote a letter to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte concerning the intimidation Tibetan-Americans and others experience. According to the International Campaign for Tibet in Europe, Tibetans living in the nation have recently started receiving calls from ominous persons, some of whom identified themselves as Chinese embassy representatives and some of whom masked their ties.
“We are aware that the Dutch authorities find it difficult to handle and are unable to adequately investigate these privacy violations, which are either below or slightly beyond the line of criminality. Therefore, if a strong and vocal stance is not taken, this also runs the risk of trivializing these crimes and stigmatizing the victims, ICT-Europe Director Wangpo Tethong warned in the news release.
These outposts have been charged with weakening national jurisdictions and violating the territorial integrity of the host nation. The Dutch government was not informed of these actions through the diplomatic channels with the Chinese government, according to spokesperson for the foreign ministry Hovenkamp, who spoke to the BBC. That is forbidden. . . The fact that a Chinese national appears to have experienced intimidation and harassment here in the Netherlands is really concerning. Police are investigating possible ways to provide him with security.
Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, stated on Wednesday that what had been referred to as foreign police stations are merely “service stations for Chinese individuals abroad” and that China completely respects the judicial sovereignty of other nations. According to Wenbin, who spoke to the media, these facilities are exclusively there to assist Chinese nationals who are unable to travel home because of the pandemic. “Relevant local governments have opened online service platforms to aid them in overcoming challenges. Such services are primarily intended for physical examinations and license renewals, he continued.


by: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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