New Footage Shows Extreme Overcrowding at the Border Patrol Central Processing Center in El Paso, TX

A Texas congressman who represents hundreds of miles along the southern border called the situation in El Paso “dire” Sunday morning as he provided footage of one overrun migrant processing center.
During an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales said the conditions he saw at one processing center he’d “never seen before” with more than 500 migrants to one “pod” that typically holds about 100 people.
“You know, I was just in El Paso a few days ago, and what I saw at the migrant center I had never seen before. I have visited- I had visited the processing center there many times,” he told host Margaret Brennan, adding “There’s one bathroom, the odor is terrible. And there’s eight pods in there. And so those are the good conditions.
“Outside just above the hill, there’s a thousand, a little over 1,000 migrants waiting in outdoor conditions, not to mention the people that are waiting by the bridge and elsewhere.
“It’s a very dire situation in El Paso.”


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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