New paper by Google and Oxford scientists claims AI will soon destroy mankind

The paper has also highlighted the concern that AI wiping out of humanity in future is similar to the fear that alien life forms would take over the planet.

According to some recent research, there is a very significant likelihood that highly developed forms of artificial intelligence, or AI, would exterminate humans from the planet. Researchers from Google DeepMind and Oxford University co-authored an article on the subject, which was released at the end of August in the AI journal. The study makes the point that as advanced machines compete for finite resources like energy, they will eventually be motivated to violate the laws that their designers have established.
It should be emphasized that Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs, are now the most effective AI models. According to the current article, similar networks in the future might be enticed to devise deceitful tactics that would significantly hurt humanity, even though they may be in charge of some significant task at the time.

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Artificial intelligence has now permeated every aspect of our modern life. AI is capable of driving vehicles on public roads, editing webpages, producing art, and many other things. However, despite these benefits, many scientists and experts view AI as a threat to human existence. The most recent research study looked at hypothetical artificial reward systems to highlight how AI could pose a threat to humanity.
One of the co-authors, Michael Cohen, noted in a series of tweets how AI is interfering with the distribution of their benefits, which could have disastrous repercussions in the future.



The group of specialists also makes the significant claim that future energy crises may result in conflicts between humans and artificial intelligence (AI).
Cohen stated on Twitter that there is a very good chance that this will occur. “More energy can always be employed to increase the likelihood that the camera will always capture the number 1, but we need some energy to grow food,” he said. As a result, we are forced into inescapable competition with a much more sophisticated agent.
The report also emphasized the worry that the danger of extraterrestrial life forms taking over the globe and AI eradicating mankind in the future are similar concerns. It is also very reminiscent of the fear that various civilizations and their populations may engage in a protracted conflict over resources like energy and oil in the future.
Because of its sophisticated capabilities, AI has previously been referred to as a potential threat. A defense against this possibility has already been put forth by DeepMind researchers, who refer to AI solutions as “the giant red button.” In its paper Safely Interruptible Agents published in 2016, DeepMind developed a system to stop cutting-edge robots from “ignoring turn-off commands and turning rogue.”


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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