New Peer-Reviewed Study: An Example of Why “Global Warming” Is Not Global

Image: Trump Deletes Climate Change From Website (2017)

What many journalists and politicians do not realize is that climate change warming is not global. At any given time, there are regions of the world that are warming, while at the same time other regions are either cooling or exist within a stable temperature range.

An example of the actual real-world climate regime is the South China Sea denoted by the accompanying chart.

A group of researchers from China produced a better methodology to reconstruct a historical dataset of sea temperatures for the month of March from 1893-2011.

The findings from their research?

“…above-average temperatures occurred in 1904-1913, 1929-1948, 1961-1973 and 1991-2006. Below-average temperatures, on the other hand, occurred in 1914-1925, 1949-1960, 1979-1990 and 2007-2011. What is particularly insightful about the reconstruction, however, is the absence of any apparent anthropogenic influence on the 119-year record of SST variability. In fact, there appears to be nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about current temperatures. Indeed, temperatures of the past four decades have remained relatively stable over the whole length of the record.”

And on the other side of the world, we have the example of a cooling Ireland, which clearly seems to have missed this “global warming” that everyone in media, Hollywood, and D.C. continuously claim – obviously, without ever checking the actual evidence.

But, don’t hold your breath expecting either the mainstream media or politicians or celebrities pushing the climate change alarmism to inform the public that “global warming” is not truly global.



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