New Petition Calls for the GOP Senate to Stop Caving to Dems and CONFIRM KAVANAUGH

The voters are furious.

We want our amazing SCOTUS candidate confirmed. We’re done playing Democrat games.

But the GOP is falling for every trick the Democrats throw their way, including the never-ending parade of stall tactics.

Enough is enough.

SIGN THE PETITION BELOW so we can send a CLEAR MESSAGE to every member of the GOP Senate. We are done with games and they better listen to us – the people who actually vote for them — not the Democrats and get on board NOW and vote for Judge Kavanaugh.

The more who sign, the more attention we will get.

Sign the petition HERE.

Please, after you sign, make sure to share this with everyone you know.


As long as the Republicans tolerate shallow political smear and hit-pieces, dishonest Democrats will continue to use it

President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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