Newt Explains Why Trump is Bigger Threat to The Left Than Reagan

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich explained his belief recently that President-elect Donald Trump poses a bigger threat to the Left than even former President Ronald Reagan did, according to The Daily Signal.

“Trump is a direct moral threat to both the value system of the left—because he’s so politically incorrect—and to the power structure of the Left,” Gingrich said on inauguration eve at the Heritage Foundation.

“I believe it’s an opportunity to end the 84-year dominance of the Left starting with Roosevelt in 1932,” Gingrich said. “[Ronald] Reagan didn’t end it, I didn’t end it. It has continued to be the dominant underlying force in American culture and government. We have a chance now to really do that.”

Gingrich explained that what Trump could do is really without precedent in the modern political history of the last century.

“Reagan’s goal was to defeat the Soviet empire and, within the context of the traditional system, to accelerate economic growth and rebuild a belief in America and American history,” he said. “He didn’t spend a lot of time trying to take on the core value system of the Left.”

Gingrich noted that a comparison could be made between Trump’s dismantling of the Left and former Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher with her take down of socialism.

The way Thatcher took on socialism “is exactly what Trump should do,” Gingrich said. “Thatcher was a direct threat to both the value system and the power structure of the Left in Great Britain.”

Trump is, of course, not a “traditional conservative,” but according to Gingrich, that should matter little in regard to what he can achieve politically.

“He is not an ideological, traditional conservative, but he may be the most anti-Left political leader of the last 100 years,” Gingrich said. “If they come together as a team and if they really focus on large-scale change, this will in fact be a historic opportunity.”

Gingrich also discussed how important it is for Trump supporters to be “noisily support[ive]” of the administration and also ready to call out the mainstream media that is going to pull out all the stops against the Trump administration.

“Every time the news media does something wrong, scream at them,” he said. “Just pound on them. Don’t pretend that we should pay attention to them in a positive way.”




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