Next Stop For The Climate Clown Show?

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Image: The Green Assault On Home Ownership

Has the Aussie Government Surrendered to Climate Activists?

.. and why do we call the climate fraudsters at Greenpeace / WWF aka IPCC criminals?

IPCC Expert’s 8 Discredited Papers

Philip Munday’s work falls to pieces whenever someone tries to verify it more …

Video by Tony Heller

Alaska and Greenland have turned very cold, and southeast Australia is turning cool and wet. Where is the next stop for the climate clown show?


There are too many (FAKE) stories – every day – about the Man Made Global Warming Bull-Shit and all the magic CO2 from humans are causing to list them all ..

Merchants of Thirst

Rupert Murdoch’s Son James Furious at Media Empire’s “Climate Denial”

Imagine that, a “science” so sound, true and transparent it crumbles and falls apart just by questions. (Now, imagine if they were actually talking about real science …)

The only people having problems with people reporting the facts are those who knows what the facts are at the same time as they do not like the facts to come out.

That is, of course, only those who lie, who is corrupt, who will personally benefit from a “carbon-tax” – Rich people tend to benefit from such a tax, James Murdoch is probably rich, based on the article, he’s certainly corrupt.


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