No bowing for this president! Trump greeted in Saudi Arabia with stunning five-story lighted portrait

President Trump shook hands with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, while former President Obama bowed to him. (Image: screenshot)

President Trump got a royal, red-carpet welcome to Saudi Arabia on Saturday, where he was greeted at the airport by King Salman.

Trump shook hands with the Saudi king—a stark contrast to former President Obama, who bowed to Salman in 2009.

Saudi Arabia is the first stop on Trump’s whirlwind nine-day foreign tour, which will include stops in Israel, the Vatican, Belgium and the G7 summit in Italy.

The president literally got the red-carpet treatment at the Riyadh airport, where the tarmac was lined with plush red carpets despite the 107-degree heat.

Trump tweeted Saturday morning, saying he was looking forward to his stay.

Melania and Ivanka Trump accompanied the president, and made a statement by not covering their hair—which is almost unheard of in oppressive Saudi Arabia, where women must cover their heads in a hijab or niqab.

Hillary Clinton wore a headscarf during her visits to Saudi Arabia as secretary of state, where she bowed to a Saudi prince.

Despite the mainstream media narrative that President Trump has alienated our Muslim allies with his tough stance on Islamic terrorism, he was treated like a king all around Riyadh, where photos of Trump and the American flag were prominently displayed.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel projected a stunning five-story portrait of Trump on the side of its building.

On Sunday, President Trump will give a speech during which he will urge Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries to step up and do more to fight radical Islamic terrorism. Trump will also call on leaders in the Middle East to “drive out terrorists from your places of worship.”

After Saudi Arabia, the president will make a stop in Israel, followed by a visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican, culminating with his first appearance at the G7 Summit in Italy next week.





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