North Korea adopts a law requiring the first use of nuclear weapons while Kim escalates his rhetoric.

  • The new legislation, according to Kim Jong-un, makes Pyongyang’s nuclear status “irreversible.”
  • As North Korea looks to be getting ready to restart nuclear testing for the first time since 2017, this action has been taken.
Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, has made it clear that his nation will never give up the nuclear weapons and missiles it needs to defend itself from American attacks.
State media stated on Friday that North Korea enacted a legislation establishing the ability to launch pre-emptive nuclear attacks to defend itself. Leader Kim Jong-un said this made the country’s nuclear position “irreversible” and prohibited any denuclearization talks.
Following landmark summits with then-US president Donald Trump and other world leaders in 2018, commentators claim North Korea appears to be getting ready to resume nuclear testing for the first time since 2017. This is because Kim Jong Un was not persuaded to give up his pursuit of nuclear weapons.
The Supreme People’s Assembly, the North’s rubber-stamp legislature, approved the bill on Thursday, according to the official news agency KCNA.

 ‘The utmost significance of legislating nuclear weapons policy is to draw an irretrievable line so that there can be no bargaining over our nuclear weapons,’ North Korea leader Kim Jong-un says in a speech to the Supreme People’s Assembly

The new law goes beyond the declaration that North Korea is a nuclear weapons state made in its constitution by defining the circumstances under which nuclear weapons may be employed, such as to defend against or repel an invasion. Additionally, if an impending use of WMDs or an attack on the nation’s “strategic targets” is discovered, it permits pre-emptive nuclear strikes.
Kim made the remarks during an address on Thursday at North Korea’s rubber-stamp parliament, when lawmakers approved a law controlling the use of nuclear weapons. Kim described the measure as a step to solidify the nation’s nuclear status and make it clear that such weapons will not be bartered. A clause in the law mandates that if North Korea’s leadership is attacked, its military must “automatically” carry out nuclear strikes against hostile forces.
In order to counter the North’s escalating threats, Kim also blasted South Korea for its intentions to strengthen its conventional strike capabilities and resume extensive military drills with the US. He called these preparations “dangerous” military actions that would worsen the situation.
In addition to warning that the North would use its nuclear weapons proactively if threatened, Kim has made increasingly inflammatory threats of nuclear confrontation against the United States and its allies in Asia. His most recent remarks highlighted the escalating hostility in the area as he quickens the development of his nuclear and missile programs.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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