One Hundred Years Of Climate Change

Image: Gratitude for CO2: It Continues to Feed the World

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Video: Tony Heller
Government temperature graphs have been altered and are not consistent with historical records. They are propaganda, not science.


Based on the FAKE temperature records in the video above, we end up with, without mandate from the people, not even a honest, open debate based on real, empirical data:

Crony Capitalism and special interest groups: When the donors are selling coal powered, oil and gas based “cars” with a lot of components where the raw materials are dug out of the earth by slaves and children:

UK MPs Condemn Government’s 2030 Ban on New Fossil Fueled Car Sales and The Ill-Informed Push for Us All to Drive Electric

If it really is imperative for the climate, get a mandate from the people, you f-ing FRAUD!:

‘A moral imperative to do something’ on climate: Transportation Sec. Buttigieg: Electric Vehicles mandated to be 40% or more of U.S. auto sales by 2030 – Plus ‘ambitious & aggressive’ fuel economy standards for ‘our climate’

Another entity that see big dollars in subsidies:

Exxon may commit to a “Net-Zero by 2050” pledge


100% Data Tampering