Orbán and Putin Seek “Quickest Path to Peace” – Orbán in Newsweek: “The Point of NATO is Peace, Not Endless War”

Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin hold a press conference in Moscow, July 5, 2024
Published July 6, 2023
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has wrapped up his “peace mission” in Moscow with a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who called the overture  “an attempt to restore dialogue.” Writing in Newsweek, Orbán said that “The Point of NATO is Peace, Not Endless War”.“I have concluded my talks in Moscow with President Putin”, Orbán wrote on X. “My goal was to open the channels of direct communication and start a dialogue on the shortest road to peace. Mission accomplished! To be continued on Monday…”

During the joint press conference, Orbán “pointed out that past European progress was built on peace, and the current war has severely affected the continent’s sense of security and economic stability”, spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said. “Orbán also discussed several key issues with President Putin, including the evaluation of existing peace plans, the possibility of a ceasefire and subsequent peace talks, and the future European security structure post-war. He highlighted the necessity of dialogue and diplomatic channels, underscoring Hungary’s rare position of being able to communicate with both warring parties.”


Vladimir Putin called his talks with Orbán a “substantive, direct and honest discussion”, noting “It is important that we maintain a dialogue even in the current difficult geopolitical situation.”


SOURCE: www.thegatewaypundit.com

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) leave after a press conference following their bilateral talks at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, 5 July 2024. [EPA-EFE/YURI KOCHETKOV]
Published July 6, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Viktor Orbán on Friday (5 July) that Ukraine must effectively capitulate if it wants peace, in a visit to Moscow by the Hungarian leader that angered the EU, US and Kyiv.

Putin was hosting Orbán — the friendliest leader in the EU to Moscow — for talks at the Kremlin, described by the Russian president as a “really useful, frank conversation” on the conflict in Ukraine.

A string of EU officials blasted the Hungarian prime minister’s surprise trip, saying it threatened to undermine the 27-member bloc’s stance on the conflict and stressed that he was not representing Brussels.

The pair “talked about the possible ways of resolving” the Ukraine conflict, Putin said in remarks after a bilateral meeting.

The Kremlin leader repeated his demand that Ukraine withdraw all its troops from regions that Moscow has annexed and said Kyiv was “not ready to drop the idea of waging war until a victorious end”.

Putin said at the start of the talks that he wanted to “discuss the nuances that have developed” over the conflict in Ukraine with Orbán, who visited Kyiv earlier this week.


SOURCE: www.euractiv.com


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