Owner of California store – where winning $2.04BN Powerball prize was sold – says he will SHARE his $1million with his children and 11 grandchildren… and is happy someone from ‘poor neighborhood’ won

  • Joe Chahayed, the owner of Joe’s Service Center in Altadena, California, sold the $2.04billion Powerball ticket
  • Chahayed won $1million for selling the ticket at his store and said he will share his winnings with his family, including his 11 grandchildren 
  • He said he had a ‘feeling’ the winning ticket would come from his store and ‘excited’ that a potential member of the Altadena community has won 
  • It’s a very poor neighborhood,’ he said. ‘From the bottom of my heart, I hoped somebody would win…they deserve it…The poor people deserve it’ 
  • The winning ticket read: 10, 33, 41, 47, 56, and Powerball 10. The winner has not publicly come forward
The owner of Joe’s Service Center in California won $1million for selling the record-breaking $2.04billion Powerball ticket and he said he will share it with his family.
Joe Chahayed – the father-in-law of former NFL player Domata Peko – held up the huge check outside his gas station alongside his family and one of his managers on Tuesday as he wore a ‘millionaire made here’ shirt.
‘We are excited,’ he said at a press conference with California Lottery. ‘I’ll share it with family, with whatever is needed, with my kids, my grandchildren. I have 11 grandchildren and I’ll share with them.’
His son, who was at the press conference, said ‘no one else deserves it more than this man.’
‘He’s worked hard his whole life and he deserves every bit of it,’ his son, who was not named, said.
His son-in-law also wished him ‘congratulations’ on his social media, writing on Twitter: ‘Congratulations Baba Chahayed!!! Alexa play A Mili by @LilTunechi. Blessed.’
The winning ticket – 10, 33, 41, 47, 56, and Powerball 10 – was sold at the Altadena store and Chahayed believes it belongs to a local, although California’s first-ever lottery billionaire has not come forward to collect their winnings.
Chahayed said he had a ‘feeling that somebody might win the money’ and he is excited to see one of the residents of the ‘poor’ neighborhood win it big.
‘[It is a] very poor neighborhood…It’s a very poor neighborhood,’ he told Pasadena Star News. ‘From the bottom of my heart, I hoped somebody would win…they deserve it. The poor people deserve it.’ 

The lottery also raised $156million for California Public Schools. Chahayed revealed that the California Lottery met him at his store ‘before open’ to tell him the news.
‘They were here before I opened, they were waiting here for me,’ he said at the press conference. ‘They said: ‘Congratulations, you are the station and [had] the winner.’
The storeowner, who has run the store for 20 years, also encourages others to buy tickets from his station.
We believe one day you’ll be winners too,’ he said. He also joked that he would lower gas prices. The Powerball jackpot was won by a single ticket-holder on Tuesday.



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