Pence on coronavirus: American industries are responding ‘like never before’

Image: Civil rights lawyers: COVID-19 reusable shopping bag bans violate religious liberty

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Video: Fox Business

Vice President Mike Pence commends American businesses, farmers and health care workers for their hard work, discusses the estimated death toll caused by coronavirus and encourages everyone to follow the ’30 days to slow the spread’ guidelines.


WA authorities fear docked ship is ‘riddled with coronavirus’

Video: Sky News Australia

The WA government has raised concerns with the federal government that the German owned cruise ship Artania is “riddled with coronavirus” and is unsafe to dock in Fremantle according to Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell. The WA government has demanded the cruise ship return to Frankfurt but the ship’s crew is refusing to leave and is instead asking the Australian Border Force to allow it to dock until April. The stricken liner docked on March 25 and since then 41 passengers and crew have been transferred to Perth hospitals with coronavirus, with some remaining in a critical condition. While 700 passengers were flown back to Germany the crew remain on board. Mr Clennell said WA Premier Mark McGowan does not want the ship to remain in port and has asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison “to push the ship offshore.”


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