‘People Are Probably Dying Up Here’ – SoCal Residents Snowed-In and Running Out of Supplies – Roads Remain Closed – NEWSOM AWOL (VIDEO)

Residents in San Bernardino, California are snowed-in and running out of supplies after the latest winter storm dumped several feet of snow in the region.

Some residents are running out of supplies and roads are still closed.

Meanwhile Governor Gavin Newsom is AWOL.

ABC 7 reporter David Gonzales said it is a ‘life and death situation’ in Crestline.

“People are probably dying up here,” he said.

Desperate residents are writing SOS messages in the snow.


Vehicles in Crestline are buried in several feet of snow.

Where is the leadership?

A private helicopter tried to land at a supermarket parking lot to deliver supplies and aid but was turned away.

“The parking lot was heavily populated with citizens receiving food rations. Private aircraft are forbidden from landing in declared disaster areas, and Sheriff’s Aviation denied permission to land pending coordination with our Emergency Operations Center to deconflict air and ground operations,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff said.




By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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