Poland asks Germany to transfer Patriot systems to Ukraine

The Polish defence minister has asked Germany to give Ukraine the Patriot air defence system Berlin offered to Poland after a fatal missile blast killed two Poles last week.

The German government offered Poland the Patriots to help it secure its airspace after a stray missile crashed near the Polish village of Przewodów close to the Ukrainian border last week.

Poland says the missile was likely a Ukrainian air-defence rocket that went rogue.

“After further missile attacks by Russia [against Ukraine], I asked the German side to pass the Patriot batteries that it had offered to Poland to Ukraine instead, and deploy them on their western border,” Mariusz Błaszczak wrote on Twitter.

On Monday Poland said it would propose deploying additional Patriot missile launchers near its border with Ukraine, following an offer from Germany.
Berlin offered Warsaw the Patriot missile defence system to help secure its airspace after a stray missile crashed in Poland last week. It had earlier said it would offer its eastern neighbour help in air policing with German Eurofighters.
The missile that hit Poland last week, killing two people, appeared to have been fired accidentally by Ukraine’s air defences rather than to have been a Russian strike, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has said.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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