Police identify family of 5 found dead in Phoenix home after murder-suicide

Police have identified the family of five found dead in a Phoenix home by a babysitter after a murder-suicide on Wednesday. According to investigators, 44-year-old Jasen Michael Hudgens killed his wife, 40-year-old Marla Jordan Hudgens, and their three kids, 3-year-old Christopher Hudgens and 6-month-old twins Gwen Hudgens and Faye Hudgen. Jasen then shot himself in the head.
Marla worked at the Phoenix branch of the law firm Lewis Roca. The company released a statement, calling her a passionate lawyer and advocate for her clients. “More than that, she was a loving mother and loyal friend,” Lewis Roca said.
A preliminary police report says the babysitter arrived at the home on Augusta Avenue, near 7th and Northern avenues, just after 8 a.m. and saw Jasen and Marla dead. Multiple police officers and firefighters were then dispatched to the home. Because of a strong odor of gas, a hazmat crew cleared the house first. Police say there were open propane tanks inside and a gas line that was not attached to a kitchen appliance. It took hours for crews to secure the house and get rid of the gas so police could get inside safely. Detectives then discovered all the bodies.
Police called it a “complete tragedy.” “Not only is this devastating to the first responders that had to respond and witness what’s inside, but this neighborhood is very close-knit including the extended loved ones and family members that are related to this home and this residence,” said Sgt. Melissa Soliz with Phoenix Police Department. Police said the four victims had “obvious signs of trauma.”
Neighbors in the area are still grieving from the horrors that took place inside that house. “It’s been difficult for me to process it. I know its been difficult for all of us to kind of understand what’s going on. I think we hear about it on news and other places but for it to happen to close to us is just a whole nother level of trying to understand and grieve,” said Hailey LeBlanc, a neighbor. No motive has been released.


Neighbors react to apparent murder-suicide that left family dead in Phoenix home


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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