Post-Vaccine Injury, A Case Study

Image: Canadian Nurse Whistleblowers: Many Dying After Getting Vaccines And Hospitals Are Filled With The Fully Vaccinated

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By Dr. Henry Ealy – America Out Loud

It is my sworn duty to do no harm and all I can to help people in need. This is a duty I take very seriously and one, that unfortunately, has become controversial. I simply cannot pretend that I know nothing when I see the number of people suffering and desperately seeking help…I won’t pretend that I don’t see them.

Today’s show is about sharing information, from the heart, for the betterment of all. Today’s show is in loving memory of everyone who has died due to a vaccine injury. Today’s show is about doing what’s right in the face of volatile opposition.

The word ‘doctor’ originates from the latin root ‘docere’, which means ‘to teach.’ That’s what a doctor is supposed to be…a teacher…a sharer of information…a sharer of information that can help save a life.

I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the tragic story of Simone Scott. I hope that the work I am doing honor her, her memory, her family, and all families that have similar stories. May our courage to share their stories and what we have learned prevent future tragedy and lead to a reemergence of compassion in our collective approach to the practice of medicine.

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