Power out in southern Ukraine after shelling cuts Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant from grid

Russian-occupied town near the plant is ‘on the brink of humanitarian disaster’ as UN nuclear agency coming ‘very close’ to a visit
As demands for an impartial inspection of the site grow, the United States on Thursday warned Russia against diverting energy from a nuclear reactor Kyiv claims was cut off from its grid.
Moscow’s forces are occupying Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor, which was cut off from the country’s power grid on Thursday, according to the official energy operator.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, pleaded with Russia to accept a demilitarized zone surrounding the plant and “allow the IAEA to visit as soon as possible to check on the safety.”
Russia was forewarned by the US not to divert energy from the location.
“The electricity that it produces rightly belongs to Ukraine and any attempt to disconnect the plant from the Ukrainian power grid and redirect to occupied areas is unacceptable,” State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told reporters.
“No country should turn a nuclear power plant into an active war zone and we oppose any Russian efforts to weaponise or divert energy from the plant.”

Putin to increase size of Russia’s military amid war in Ukraine

Putin signs decree adding 137,000 Russian troops to military

In the midst of the conflict in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday gave the order to his military to increase its strength by adding 137,000 soldiers.
The decision was issued only a few weeks after the Pentagon estimated that over the previous six months, 70,000–80,000 Russian soldiers had been injured or killed.
The directive will take effect on January 1, 2023, boosting the size of Russia’s overall armed force from 1,902,758 to 2,039,758.


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