President Zelensky visits city recaptured in stunning counter-offensive

Volodymyr Zelensky attends a ceremony of the National flag rising in the reclaimed city of Izium (Picture: EPA)

Volodymyr Zelensky sang the Ukrainian national anthem while watching the country’s flag be hoisted above the burned-out town hall of a city seized back from the Russians.

As part of Kyiv’s remarkable counter-offensive, which has recaptured vast areas of land in the northern Kharkiv region, the war-torn city of Izium was taken.

The extent of the Kremlin’s hurried and disorganized retreat was highlighted by President Zelensky’s unannounced visit to the region, which was still under Russian control just four days earlier.

His declaration that Ukraine would win the war was accompanied by the statement, “Our blue-yellow flag is now flying in de-occupied Izium.” And every Ukrainian city and village will experience this.

Izium has been largely destroyed after nearly six months of Russian occupation, including residential complexes that have been burned and artillery-damaged.

A structure had collapsed, leaving a huge hole and mountains of debris.

Zelensky told journalists, “The view is incredibly shocking, but it is not shocking for me. We started seeing the same photographs from Bucha, from the first de-occupied territory… the same wrecked buildings, the same slain individuals.

Zelensky poses with servicemen (Picture: Ukrainian President Press Office/UPI/Shutterstock

Russian forces left Bucha, a tiny city on the outskirts of Kiev, in March. Following the incident, Ukrainian police found hundreds of people’ bodies strewn in yards, streets, and mass graves. Many displayed evidence of torture.

An emotional-looking Zelensky awarded medals earlier on Wednesday to soldiers who liberated the Balakliia region, a town that had recently been retaken.

During the months of Russian rule, residents and local police told reporters that innocent villagers were killed. Russia contests that it targeted people on purpose.

Ukrainian soldiers patrol at the streets (Picture: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

According to the president of Ukraine, his army has so far this month liberated an area of almost 3,100 square miles, which is roughly equal in size to the island of Cyprus.

Although Russia claimed its pullout from important towns, it was impossible to verify such numbers.

Although authorities claim it is too early to tell whether Kyiv can maintain the pace, Ukraine’s rapid advances over the past week have thrilled its admirers in the West.

It is evident that the Ukrainians have come a long way. However, I believe it will take a while,’ US President Joe Biden remarked.

Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, said Vladimir Putin “sadly” still does not believe his invasion was a mistake a day after they spoke on the phone for 90 minutes.

In the south and east, Russian soldiers still hold a little more than a fifth of Ukraine, but Kiev is currently pushing forward in both regions.

The United States is expected to announce a new military aid package in the “coming days,” according to the White House, which has given Ukraine backing and equipment worth billions of dollars.

The ‘Z’ marks that Russian forces use to identify themselves were daubed on bus stops along the road leading to Izium, and by the side of the road were the burned-out carcasses of tanks and armored personnel carriers.

Liubov Sinna, 74, who was wearing a pink hood over her face for warmth, claimed that locals were still afraid.

We had to wait a while for our guys. Of course, we are happy. Joy. But there is also worry, she continued, “fear that the Russians might come again.

“Because we survived the entire six months.” We took refuge in cellars. We experienced everything that was conceivable. We are unable to state that we feel secure.

She went on to state that the village had no gas, electricity, or water supply and that she was unsure how residents would survive the winter.

In recent days, Ukraine claims that Russia has attacked civil infrastructure in revenge for losses on the battlefield.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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