Pro-Russia party is held in Sydney where attendees are pictured celebrating the bloody downfall of Ukraine city

A group of Russian ultranationalists have gathered at a Sydney consulate to celebrate a Ukrainian city falling to Putin’s forces


  • Pro-Putin gathering draws social media fire 
  • Sydney’s Russian consulate hosted group 
  • They toast Ukrainian city falling to Russians

Ultra-nationalists who gloated over Russian mercenary forces grinding to a bloody victory in Ukraine during a celebration in Sydney have been labelled as ‘fascists’ and a ‘terrorist group’ by outraged social media users.

Footage of the party held on the grounds of the Russian consulate on Tuesday night was posted by Drew Pavlou, who is best known as an outspoken activist against China‘s ruling Communist Party.

Mr Pavlou, labelled the gathering as ‘fascist’ on Twitter, demanded Australian authorities treated supporters of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a terror threat and called for the consulate to be shut down.

The video shows a group of about 50 men and male youths clad almost entirely in black standing outside behind a table, with many carrying Russian flags or holding up a banner with the insignia of the private military group Wagner.

The main speaker wore a top displaying a large white Z, which is a symbol showing support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where this week, Wagner forces managed to take the eastern city of Bahmut.



We salute the Russian Wagner Group,’ the main speaker says in Russian.

‘We salute the Russian military. We congratulate you on liberating the city of Bahmut. It is our Artemovsk now.’



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol –Independent Reporter
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