Prof. Judith Curry provides extremely cogent explanations for causes of climate variability

Image: New Zealand: Metservice Warns South Island Farmers To Brace For Heavy Spring Snow During Lambing And Calving Season

Prof Judith Curry obviously knows a lot about the climate system, but for some reason she, like most all “lukewarmers” seem determined to ignore the factors that deem CO2 irrelevant for the climate and temperature, for example convection.

What do i mean by convection deem CO2 irrelevant?

The sun warms the surface most effective as it shines directly at the surface in a 90o angle, that is where the heat is most intense. But that is also where most of the convection starts (which is a cooling process). Warm air ascends and because the earth is a sphere, you know, round, as the air ascends it also expands due to the earth’s shape, pressure and mass also fall, and as a result of less pressure alone, temperature also fall, including the temperature potential in the 3 CO2 molecules everybody is so concerned about. A cool atmosphere can never warm an already warmer surface.

All energy (heat) in the atmosphere comes from the surface of the earth and the atmosphere can, at the very best, only dealy the energy (heat) loss. CO2 is 100% irrelevant no matter what kind of magic humans cling to.

R. J. L.

By Swarna Bharat Party

In this extract from the famous Mann-Curry debate, Prof Judith Curry provides the most simple, straightforward and persuasive explanations for climate change.

Combined with the total failure of climate models to predict reality, SBP rejects the panic being drummed up by collectivist UN organisations.



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