Proof That The Sun, Not CO2, Drives Climate & Sea-Level Change

Image: Show Me Now – Direct Proof

The only thing you need to know about the atmosphere and why CO2 never will be able to increase the temperature, – CO2 does not prevent convection!

By Roger Higgs DPhil Oxford – Principia Scientific International    

This 12-slide presentation, designed for scientists and non-scientists alike, takes no more than 30 minutes to fully absorb.

By the end, you will know that the United Nations INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON CLIMATE CHANGE (IPCC) IS GUILTY OF TWO COLOSSAL SCIENTIFIC BLUNDERS, the most expensive mistakes of all time, costing society trillions of wasted dollars ‘tackling’ innocent CO2.

IPCC’s two errors (among others) are: i) dismissal of overwhelming global geological & archaeological evidence for several 1- to 3-metre sea-level rises between 1,000 & 6,000 years ago.

IPCC instead claims the 30 centimetre rise since 1800 is unique in >2,000 years & therefore must be man-made (CO2); and ii) failure to notice the multi-decade time lag between changes in solar output & corresponding changes in global warming/cooling, caused by our vast ocean’s thermal inertia (slowness to react to heat input). Please forward the link to colleagues, friends and family.

We urgently need to get the truth about life-giving CO2, and about the imminent (before 2100) unstoppable ~3-metre sea-level rise (driven not by CO2, of course, but by the sun’s just-ended ‘Grand Maximum’ event of 1937-2004, dismissed as unimportant by IPCC), into schools, universities, governments and the media.

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