Protesters ‘brainwashed’ to ‘bow down before the goddess’ Greta Thunberg

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Nigel Farage is missing the point (video below). It’s not that each and every country necessarily has a lot of emissions, it’s the combined efforts that would have been the point if CO2 actually had an effect in controlling the sun, which in fact is controlling the climate … But CO2 will never control the sun, or the climate (in the real world, of course)!

R. J. L.

Video: Sky News Australia
Former Brexit leader and GB News host Nigel Farage says the world is dealing with “anarchy on the most extraordinary level” as protesters conduct an “all-out assault” spray painting buildings.

“In some ways you can’t blame the poor darlings,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“Because they’ve been brainwashed at school, brainwashed at university, told to bow down before the goddess Greta – the greatest physicist and scientist the world has seen since Sir Isaac Newton.”


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