Putin ally Kadyrov criticises Russian army after Ukraine setback

“They have made mistakes and I think they will draw the necessary conclusions,” Kadyrov said in an audio message posted to his Telegram channel on Sunday.


“If today or tomorrow no changes in strategy are made, I will be forced to speak with the leadership of the defence ministry and the leadership of the country to explain the real situation on the ground to them. It’s a very interesting situation. It’s astounding, I would say,” said Kadyrov, a former rebel turned Kremlin ally who rules Chechnya – a Russian republic in the Caucasus – with an iron fist and has a paramilitary force at his command.



Since the invasion in February, the Kremlin has focused on eliminating liberal voices critical of the conflict, but as things go sour on the battlefield, Putin confronts a conundrum with what to do with former cheerleaders who want Russia to commit additional forces to the fight to change the tide.
Many units from Chechnya have taken part in Russia’s war effort, and while Kadyrov is ostensibly hyper-loyal to Moscow, he is one of the few Russian political figures whose messaging the Kremlin does not fully control.
Everyone will be watching to see how Putin reacts to the retreat. He has already downplayed allegations that he made a serious error in judgment in February when he believed the Russian army might quickly encircle Ukraine. In a recent appearance, he claimed that Russia had “lost nothing” in the war, but the recent significant casualties might make that claim more difficult to make with the Russian people.
As the bad news from the front came in on Saturday, Putin was busy inaugurating a sizable observation wheel in a Moscow park in honor of Moscow Day. He received harsh criticism from military bloggers for continuing the celebrations.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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