Putin is suffering ‘legitimate humiliation’ after misjudging the West’s willingness to get involved in Ukraine war, Russia expert says

  • Putin is likely humiliated as Russia’s military losses mount in Ukraine, a Russia expert told Insider.
  • Such defeats are made worse due to the US, UK, and other NATO allies aiding Ukraine’s cause.
  • “He misjudged the resilience of the West,” Simon Miles, a Duke professor said of Putin.
An analyst on Russia told Insider that Russian President Vladimir Putin vastly overestimated the readiness of Western countries to get engaged in the conflict between two former Soviet neighbors when he began an unprovoked attack against Ukraine nearly seven months ago.
This error of judgment was clearly seen earlier this month when Ukraine won one of its biggest victories yet after launching two significant offensives in the northeast and south in an efficient effort to reclaim occupied territory that drove Russian troops out of the area. While Ukrainian forces were solely responsible for carrying out the attack, it was reportedly made possible by US and UK intelligence, strategy, and equipment.
Simon Miles, an assistant professor at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University and a historian of the Soviet Union and US-Soviet relations, said, “The last thing I want to do is take anything away from the pretty extraordinary heroism of the Ukrainians on the ground who are using those tools.” However, the weaponry the Ukrainians have been receiving from the US and other NATO partners and then employing to amazing effect are largely responsible for the preparation of that fighting space and the leveling of the playing field in their favor.
Putin is probably furious right now because of the Ukrainians’ astounding performance and the roles that Putin’s geopolitical rivals played in recent successes, according to Miles.


Putin is aware of this, the professor said, without a doubt. He must be frustrated and embarrassed by this because, in my opinion, he honestly didn’t think it would happen.
Putin’s personal grudge against Ukraine and his mistaken confidence in Russia’s military superiority probably made him naive to the willingness of the West to support Ukraine.
Miles stated, “He underestimated the tenacity of the West. “He miscalculated the readiness of western governments and businesses to suffer a setback in order to punish Russia, and most definitely the willingness of Europe to jeopardize their supply of gas.”
In retaliation for European sanctions on Russia, Russia has targeted the continent’s natural gas supply, shutting down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and leaving just one major pipeline supplying gas to the whole continent. Miles prophesied that Putin would attempt to push Europe to its breaking point as winter approaches the continent in a few short months. Energy prospects in Europe continue to be relatively bleak. However, according to latest inventory statistics, despite Russia’s stranglehold, the European Union is likely to achieve its winter natural gas storage goals two months earlier.
Due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, the US has also had to make sacrifices. Gas prices soared earlier this summer and are still high in many areas, while rising shipping costs have an influence everywhere.
Additionally, Putin’s conflict has had a significant impact on world politics. Following Russia’s entry, the famously neutral Finland and Sweden moved swiftly to join NATO, which was an odd outcome given Putin’s intention to weaken the military alliance’s influence.
The worst-case scenario for Putin is growing military setbacks for Russia while the West unites behind Ukraine.
Miles remarked, “I think he’s extremely uncomfortable right now. I think this is driving him insane.
According to experts interviewed by Insider’s John Haltiwanger, Putin’s rule may eventually come under threat as a result of Russia’s strategic setback throughout the conflict so far.
As it should be, Miles continued, “Putin is quite humiliated by all of this.” “This is a true international humiliation.”


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