Putin lashes out at America accusing Washington of trying to prolong the war in Ukraine and fueling other conflicts branding Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan a ‘strategy to destabilize the region’

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday accused Washington of seeking to prolong the conflict in Ukraine and of fueling conflicts elsewhere in the world, including with the visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

‘The situation in Ukraine shows that the US is trying to prolong this conflict. And they act in exactly the same way, fueling the potential for conflict in Asia, Africa and Latin America,’ Putin said in televised remarks, addressing the opening ceremony of a security conference in Moscow via video link.
‘The American adventure in relation to Taiwan is not just a trip of an individual irresponsible politician, but part of a purposeful, conscious US strategy to destabilize and make chaotic the situation in the region and the world,’ he added.
The Russian tyrant – who ordered the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 – was delivering the welcome address at the Moscow international security conference.
He said Pelosi’s visit was a ‘brazen demonstration of disrespect for the sovereignty of other countries and for its (Washington’s) international obligations’.
‘We see this as a carefully planned provocation,’ Putin said.
As it enters its sixth month, Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine has killed thousands, forced millions to flee their homes and exacerbated food shortages across the world.
Speaking at the security conference, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Moscow does not plan to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.
‘From a military point of view, there is no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to achieve the set goals,’ Shoigu said.



Relations between Moscow and Washington have been in tatters since Putin launched his military intervention in pro-Western Ukraine, with Russia warning it may sever ties with the United States entirely.
Meanwhile, the US and other Western allies have supplied Ukraine with billions of dollars of support and weapons to fight against the brutal invasion. One such weapons system is the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), which has proven highly effective against Putin’s forces.
Russia calls its invasion of Ukraine a ‘special military operation’ to demilitarize its smaller neighbor and protect Russian-speaking communities.
Ukraine and Western backers accuse Moscow of waging an imperial-style war of conquest, with frequent evidence of Russian atrocities coming out of the country.
Pummelled by a barrage of unprecedented Western sanctions, Putin has instead sought to bolster ties with countries in Africa and Asia, especially with China.
Moscow was in full solidarity with key ally Beijing during Pelosi’s August visit to self-ruled, democratic Taiwan, which China considers its territory.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11115655/Putin-lashes-America-accusing-Washington-trying-prolong-war-Ukraine.html

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