Putin says Russia and North Korea will help each other if attacked, taking ties to a ‘new level’

Published June 19, 2024

Vladimir Putin said Russia and North Korea have ramped up ties to a “new level,” pledging to help each other if either nation is attacked in a “breakthrough” new partnership announced during the Russian president’s rare visit to the reclusive state.

Thousands of North Koreans chanting “welcome Putin” lined the city’s wide boulevards brandishing Russian and North Korean flags and bouquets of flowers, as Putin kicked off his first visit to North Korea in 24 years with a finely choreographed display of influence in the dictatorship.

The pair then signed the new strategic partnership to replace previous deals signed in 1961, 2000 and 2001, according to Russian state news agency TASS. “The comprehensive partnership agreement signed today includes, among other things, the provision of mutual assistance in the event of aggression against one of the parties to this agreement,” Putin said after the meeting.

He said the deal encompasses the “political, trade, investment, cultural spheres, and the security sphere as well,” calling the pact “truly a breakthrough document.”

Putin said joint drills involving the United States, South Korea and Japan were “hostile” toward North Korea,” characterizing the US policy as “confrontational.” Kim, meanwhile, called the new “alliance” a “watershed moment in the development of the bilateral relations.”


SOURCE: www.cnn.com

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With updates from Shaimaa Khalil and Jake Kwon in Seoul, Laura Bicker in Beijing, Ben Tavener in Moscow, Jean Mackenzie in Ukraine and Ayeshea Perera, Yvette Tan, Frances Mao, Kelly Ng and Fan Wang in Singapore

Published June 19, 2024
  1. Russia and North Korea have signed a deal to help each other in the event of aggression against them, Putin says
  2. Kim Jong Un has said he fully supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as Putin visits North Korea after 24 years
  3. Putin received a red carpet welcome, including roses, waving crowds and ceremonial gunfire following his overnight arrival
  4. The Russian president thanked Kim for inviting him to Pyongyang, and said he hopes the next meeting will take place in Moscow
  5. The US and South Korea accuse the North of supplying Russia with artillery ammunition in exchange for food and military aid
  6. Both countries deny this but Putin is in search of allies since the invasion of Ukraine turned him into a pariah in the West
  7. After North Korea, Putin will visit long-time ally Vietnam, where he is expected to discuss trade

SOURCE: www.bbc.com


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