Putin ‘tried and failed’ to test ‘doomsday’ Poseidon nuclear-powered torpedo

  • The world’s largest submarine, the Belgorod, went into service in July this year, and is able to carry six Poseidon torpedoes
  • The torpedoes are nuclear-powered and can in theory travel unlimited distances once launched: they are remote controlled, and likened to drones
  • In 2018, when the Belgorod was first announced, Vladimir Putin boasted that the Poseidon torpedoes could pass U.S. defenses
  • The Belgorod was spotted in the Arctic Sea in late September, with military and intelligence experts expecting Russia to test the Poseidon torpedoes
  • But on Thursday, CNN reported that the Belgorod has returned to port without carrying out any torpedo tests
  • Analysts say the failure to test the torpedoes is a sign of technical difficulties, meaning that the sanctions against Russia are perhaps beginning to work
The US observed Russian naval vessels preparing for a possible test of a new nuclear-powered torpedo in recent weeks, a senior US official with direct knowledge told CNN.
Among the vessels which took part in the preparations was the Belgorod, a cruise missile submarine modified for special operations that is able to launch unmanned underwater vehicles including the Poseidon torpedo.
In the last week, the vessels were observed leaving the testing area in the Arctic Sea and heading back to port without carrying out a test. The US believes the Russians may have encountered technical difficulties.
“This can be seen as part of the bigger picture and Russia’s recent military practice, sending ill-trained and under-equipped troops to Ukraine,” a Western diplomat told CNN. “Russia’s military industry is going through difficult times, and we can also see that Western sanctions on high-tech military goods are having an effect and must continue.”

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US officials said Russia could attempt to test the torpedo again but note the waters in the testing area will soon begin to ice over, limiting the window for operations.
A test of the torpedo would likely have inflamed tensions with the US even further at a time when Washington and its allies have been carefully monitoring for any sign Russia might be preparing to use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine. The US has also been paying particular attention to any possible tests of the Poseidon torpedo.
The Poseidon torpedo is a nuclear-powered unmanned underwater vehicle capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear munitions. Its nuclear propulsion system gives the Poseidon virtually limitless range.

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The US does not believe any test would have involved detonating a nuclear device. Any potential danger would come from a malfunction of the nuclear propulsion system, which could pose risks from radioactivity.
President Vladimir Putin first announced the existence of the Poseidon system during his State of the Nation address in 2018, touting it as an “innovative” new weapon.


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