Putin-Xi-Kim Deal: After 150+ Years, China May Get Access To Sea Of Japan Via Russia-Korea Border River

Published June 15, 2024

China, Russia, and North Korea are reportedly set to start discussions about allowing ships to navigate the Tumen River from the border regions of China and North Korea to the Sea of Japan. 

The move could have substantial security implications for Japan. The Tumen River, a critical waterway, flows east along the borders of China and North Korea and touches Russia before it empties into the Sea of Japan.

Currently, Chinese vessels can navigate the river only up to the village of Fangchuan in the eastern part of landlocked Jilin province. Beyond this point, a 15-kilometer stretch requires permission from Russia and North Korea. Also, a Soviet-era, seven-meter-tall bridge obstructs the passage of larger ships.

A joint statement issued by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin following their summit in May revealed plans for a “constructive dialogue” with North Korea regarding navigation on the Tumen River.

“Both parties will engage in constructive dialogue with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea regarding the navigation of Chinese vessels through the lower Tumen River to the sea,” the statement read.

The leaders did not elaborate further. The statement, however, underscores the geographical reality of Russia and North Korea’s shared border, which restricts Chinese access to the Sea of Japan.


SOURCE: www.eurasiantimes.com

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Proposal raises security concerns for Tokyo as Chinese maritime activity ramps up

The Tumen River flows along North Korea’s border with China and Russia until it reaches the Sea of Japan.    © Reuters
Published June 14, 2024

BEIJING — China, Russia, and North Korea are expected to start discussions soon about allowing ships to navigate a border river into the Sea of Japan which could have major security implications for Tokyo.

The waterway, The Tumen River, flows east along the border of China and North Korea, and eventually also of Russia before emptying into the Sea of Japan.


SOURCE: www.asia.nikkei.com


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