Remember end of polar bears? Never mind!

Image: COP 26: Socialists and scoundrels emerge from hiding

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Granting 70 year reprieve for polar bears is the same as admitting they did not know what they were talking about. Back then they also said this same “science was settle.”

Does “settle science” change?

.. and remember, every year it’s also the same nagging about “last chance to save the world” based on leftist special kind of “settle science,” of course, – the type that does change, if needed!

R. J. L.

Polar Bears Granted 70 Year Reprieve

Video: Tony Heller
Experts said Polar Bears would be extinct by the year 2030, but have granted the bears a reprieve until the end of the century

Celebrities Demand Climate Action

Video: Tony Heller
Celebrities are tired of you blocking their car on the freeway and clogging up the security line at the airport, so they want a Green new Deal for the little people



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