Remote village where people walk on all fours

Members of the Ulas family walking on all fours, Hatay province, Turkey (Source: BBC)

An odd family lives in a rural village in the Turkish province of Hatay, hidden from the outside world. There are 19 kids total, a mother, and a father. Five of the kids stand out from the rest, though. The cause? They balance on their hands and feet when they walk.
Only a few number of scientists have knowledge of the Ulas family for many years. However, that all changed in 2006 when cameras were allowed in the remote village, allowing the public to see the concealed inhabitants for the first time.
This is what has been learned about the family’s lifestyle and what medical professionals have to say about their situation.

One of the Ulas children, Hüseyin, walking on his hands and feet through the village (Source: The Sun)
The Ulas family, who are of Kurdish descent, reside in a small village near the Turkish-Syrian border. 14 of the family’s 19 children, including the father Resit and mother Hatice, walk upright. Five of the children, though, have never walked on just two feet.

They are the only known instances of adults who “bear crawl,” or walk on the heels of their palms with only a few fingers touching the ground. Their hands and feet have equally thick skin. The five siblings, who were unveiled to the public in 2006, ranged in age from 18 to 34.
The Ulas family is impoverished and unable to obtain social or medical services. They are social outcasts in their village and have been excluded from all social groups. One male and four female disadvantaged


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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