Robot Allegedly Dies By “Suicide” In South Korea, Sparking Speculations About Overworking

Published July 6, 2023
It was found shattered at the bottom of a staircase.
The recent case of a robot allegedly taking its own “life” in the Gumi city of South Korea has made global headlines.
The robot in question was a civil servant employed by the Gumi City Council. It was found lying smashed at the bottom of a stairwell. According to the city council, the robot was nicknamed “Robot Supervisor” and worked a regular 9 to 5 shift and even had its own civil service ID card.
According to reports, on June 26, the robot threw itself down a 2-metre-high staircase, and the reason is still under investigation. City council staff testified that the robot was behaving strangely before the fall, circling in one spot as if it had detected something there. While the investigation is still underway, the robot “suicide” has raised questions about whether it was due to overworking. Officials have collected the broken parts to analyze and determine the reason.Though using robots in service jobs is not novel in South Korea today, unlike most of them, the Gumi City Council robot was not restricted to a single floor of the building. It independently navigated throughout the building and even used elevators to access different floors. The robot, operational since August 2023, reportedly helped with document deliveries, city promotion, and information delivery.



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The crashed image of the robot after it fell on stairs. Photograph:( Others )
Published July 6, 2024

In a never-heard incident, a civil servant robot committed suicide by throwing itself down a flight of stairs in South Korea.

The robot was working as a civil servant for a council and his mysterious death has left the people shocked.

Gumi City Council said that the robot became defunct after it smashed itself on a two-metre staircase.

Gumi City said that the officials found the ‘Robot Supervisor’ smashed up and lying in the stairwell in between the council building’s first and second floors.

Was the robot depressed due to workload? Council investigates mysterious death

According to some witnesses, the robot was seen mysteriously “circling in one spot as if something was there” before it occurred, however, the exact cause is being investigated, said a city council official.

“Pieces have been collected and will be analysed by the company,” said the official, further stating that the robot had “helped with daily document deliveries, city promotion, and delivered information” to local residents.

“It was officially a part of the city hall, one of us,” added another official, further stating, “It worked diligently.”

The local media questioned the robot’s suicide, as headlines read, “Why did the diligent civil officer do it?” or questioned “Was work too hard” for the robot?

One of the netizens said on a social media platform, “If the workload had been too much, would he have spun around for a long time and then rushed down the stairs?” Meanwhile, another said: “I pray that scrap metal rests in peace.”




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