Rockets hit Baghdad for second day as Iraq unrest escalates

Four rockets landed around Iraqi government buildings, a day after an attempted storming of Iraq’s parliament.

For the second day in a straight, rockets have landed in Baghdad’s Green Zone, which houses government buildings and international embassies, disrupting weeks of peace.

There were no reported casualties from the four rockets that were fired on Thursday morning from the capital’s eastern outskirts, local police authorities said. No one has claimed responsibility.

On Wednesday, while the Iraqi parliament met to discuss the resignation of its speaker, Muqtada al-followers Sadr’s made an effort to storm the Green Zone. They attempted to get past the security guarding the parliament, but riot police stopped them.

Three Katyusha rockets reportedly struck the Green Zone on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Iraqi state-run media.

Over the previous few years, rocket assaults on the Green Zone have been frequent, albeit there has been a decline in these strikes in recent months. Militia organizations supported by Iran typically fire missiles against Western targets.

Al-Sadr and the Coordination Framework are both Shia, but the latter is supported by Iran, while al-Sadr, despite his prior ties to Tehran, describes himself as a “Iraqi patriot” who wants to reduce Iran’s influence in the nation.

The greatest violence Baghdad has seen in years broke out in August between militias supporting the two sides, resulting in the deaths of over 30 individuals.

Iraq is now without a government due to the political crisis, and al-Sadr has withdrawn his parliamentary group after failing to form one that does not include the Coordination Framework.

One of the main causes of Wednesday’s clashes was the Iran-backed bloc’s current attempt to use the absence of al-allies Sadr’s from parliament to eventually establish a government.

Reporting from the scene amid the unrest, Ali Hashem of Al Jazeera claimed that demonstrators had thrown stones at the police.

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“The Speaker of the Parliament is joining the opposing alliance and breaking with Muqtada al-Sadr. People in this area are attempting to stop the start of the parliamentary session, according to Hashem.

He continued, “Muqtada al-supporters Sadr’s feel misled right now since the rivals are attempting to forge a new coalition. “Eventually, a new prime minister will be named, and this is not what they desire.”

In July, the Coordination Framework attempted to have parliament confirm a new prime minister, but was unsuccessful because al-supporters Sadr’s stormed the building.

Al-Sadr is now urging the dissolution of the legislature and the holding of early elections.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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