ROUND-UP: As Biden Falls Apart at Debate, Demands to Replace Him Become Absolutely Deafening

Published June 28, 2024

Calls to replace Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee are becoming absolutely deafening.

Following his abysmal debate performance on Thursday night, left-wing politicians, commentators, activists demanded that Biden be replaced by a candidate who is not suffering from a form of dementia.

According to CNN’s Chief National Correspondent John King, Democrats are currently weighing their options

MSNBC commentator Joy Reid said her phone never stopped buzzing as people expressed panic over Biden’s lack of mental competency.

Google Trends told its own story.


Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said the Democratic Party should nominate someone else “before it’s too late.”



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Published June 27, 2024

For Democrats who tuned into Thursday night’s debate looking to calm their worries about President Joe Biden’s age and acuity, they came away with zero remedy. Within 10 minutes of the CNN-hosted event’s start, some of even Biden’s most loyal supporters found themselves asking if the nomination was, in fact, settled.


How bad was it? Vice President Kamala Harris rushed to join the clean-up, booking late-night cable appearances.

“Yes, there was a slow start but a strong finish,” said Harris, whose prospects for replacing her boss on the top of the ticket were getting hard scrutiny in real time as the debate unfolded. “Listen, people can debate on style points, but ultimately, this election and who is the President of the United States has to be about substance, and the contrast is clear,” she said on CNN in a show of unity with her boss.

At times jarring and deserving of double-takes, the evening left Democratic insiders gobsmacked. His campaign team tried to mask the disaster but there was no denying things did not go as planned. And with a painful 53 days until Democrats have their next big night in front of a national audience with the opening of their nominating convention in Chicago, the fumbling impression left Thursday evening is going to be the image that endures for a stretch.

Biden has faced pivotal nights like this before, the most analogous being his March State of the Union. Then, as now, voters were looking more at Biden’s performance than substance. The fears about the President’s capabilities faded somewhat when Biden nailed that performance. No one would say anything close to that on Thursday.



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The president just gave his party a reality check. Where can Democrats go from here?

Published June 28, 2024

“Sleepy” Joe Biden just gave the Democratic Party a wake-up call. The concerns about the incumbent president’s age and mental fitness are not going away.

So what can his party do about it, if anything?

Thursday’s debate in Altanta, Georgia, was the president’s shot to bat away concerns about whether he can effectively serve a second term, one that would end well into his 80s.

Instead, battling a cold, Biden appeared raspy and hoarse onstage while appearing to forget words at times and at other points seemingly losing track of his point altogether.

Democratic sources who spoke to The Independent and a wide range of other media outlets after the debate were in panic mode.




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