Russia declares martial law in occupied Ukraine

People carrying Ukrainian flags in a city administration building that was heavily damaged by shelling in the Donetsk region of Ukraine this week.Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin imposed martial law in four regions of Ukraine that Moscow has just annexed but does not entirely control. This opens the door for further stricter limitations to be imposed by pro-Russian authorities as Moscow struggles to halt Ukraine’s military gains.
Martial law would give the government the power to impose curfews, take property, force relocate populations to another area, arrest undocumented immigrants, set up checkpoints, and detain people for up to 30 days in the four annexed territories of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia.

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The Russian-installed leaders in Ukraine’s Kherson region on Wednesday began massively ramping up the relocation of up to 60,000 people amid warnings over Russia’s ability to withstand a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Putin also declared that he was giving regional governors more authority in certain regions of Russia, paving the way for the implementation of far stricter domestic regulations.
However, as Putin announced his plans to impose control over the territories, Russian occupation authorities were evacuating up to 60,000 inhabitants from Kherson, along with the city’s civilian administration. Another indication that Russia’s control over the city was eroding was the exodus.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s devastating war on Ukraine is faltering. Now, there’s a new general in charge – with a reputation for brutality.

Israel: A century after massive anti-Semitic attacks in cities like Chisinau and Odessa inspired early Zionism, many Jews have fled Ukraine and arrived in Israel.
Middle East: The EU and Russia both recently reassigned military equipment and personnel from Syria. agreed to impose penalties on Iran for providing drones to Russia.
Moscow: Men are notably less prevalent at restaurants, shops, and social gatherings throughout the Russian city. Several have enlisted to fight in Ukraine, while others have left.


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