Russia launches kamikaze DRONE strikes on central Kyiv using Iranian-made ‘suicide’ weapons as explosions ring out across the Ukraine capital

  • Swarm of Iranian-made kamikaze drones attacked Kyiv this morning after being launched by Russia 
  • Multiple explosions in city centre as drones dodged air defences, as police used rifles to try and shoot them
  • Residential buildings and energy infrastructure were hit, officials said, with residents told to get into shelters 
  • Russia has changed tactics to focus on hitting Ukrainian cities and infrastructure after battlefield defeats 
As air raid sirens wailed over the Ukrainian capital early this morning, a swarm of kamikaze drones struck Kyiv, destroying residential structures and electrical infrastructure.
Five explosions were reported in the city beginning at 6.30 a.m. local time, according to the BBC, as police used rifles to try and fire down the drones after they managed to evade air defense systems.
The downtown Shevchenkivskiy area was targeted by bombs that struck multiple residential structures, burying at least 18 persons in rubble, two of whom are still trapped, according to Vitaliy Klitschko, the city’s mayor. Local journalist Oksana Kovalenko reported that crucial energy infrastructure was also damaged.
The drone strikes, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky, are intended to “terrify the civilian population,” but he pledged that “the adversary can hit our cities, but it won’t be able to break us.”
It occurs a week after a bombing on the Crimean Bridge caused a massive barrage of Russian missiles and kamikaze drones produced in Iran to hit nearly every major Ukrainian city, damaging infrastructure and murdering civilians.
Since then, Russia has continued to attack cities and infrastructure—albeit with less vigor—apparently changing its strategy in the conflict as a result of a humiliating string of setbacks on the battlefield.
Additionally, the attacks happened as NATO this week started nuclear weapons rehearsals in northern Europe.

A ball of smoke and flames rises over the streets of Kyiv as the city is bombarded by a swarm of Iranian-made kamikaze drones early Monday, hitting residential areas and energy infrastructure

Astonishing images capture the moment a suicide drones dives towards the streets of Kyiv

Smoke billows from the ruins of a building in Kyiv destroyed by a suicide drone after the city was attacked early Monday, as Russian forces continue to target the Ukrainian capital

Firefighters extinguish a blaze started by an Iranian-made suicide drone which slammed into Kyiv early Monday, as Russia forces change tactics to bring death back to the streets of the capital after weeks of calm

A police officer fires his rifle into the air as he tries to take down a suicide drone attacking Kyiv early Monday as Russia keeps up its attack on vital infrastructure

An Iranian-made suicide drone, launched by Russia, is seen flying above Kyiv after dozens of the craft were sent to swarm the capital – blowing up civilian buildings and power infrastructure

A security officer uses his rifle to try and take down a suicide drone attacking the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv early on Monday

Medics help an injured woman after after suicide drones struck buildings in Kyiv after being launched by Russian troops

A woman carries her young child out of a bomb shelter early Monday morning in Kyiv after the city was attacked by suicide drones launched by Russia

Ukrainian soldiers and firefighters pick their way through the ruins of residential buildings and energy infrastructure targeted by Russian airstrikes on Monday in Kyiv

Damage is seen on the streets of Kyiv early Monday after the central Shevchenkivskiy district was hit by Iranian-made suicide drones launched by Russian forces

A Ukrainian soldier looks to the sky after a swarm of Iranian suicide drones bombarded the Ukrainian capital on Monday

After Putin issued a warning that direct confrontations with Russia would result in a “global disaster,” NATO is poised to begin military exercises Monday that simulate the use of Europe’s nuclear weapons.
Up to 60 aircraft will participate in training flights over Belgium, the North Sea, and Great Britain as part of its yearly nuclear exercise known as “Steadfast Noon.”
Following a statement by Vladimir Putin that a direct confrontation between NATO and Russian forces would result in “world disaster,” nuclear drills—which do not use real bombs—have been conducted.
No information on casualties from the Kyiv strikes was available right away. Although the intended objectives of the drone attacks were not immediately apparent, infrastructure, including power stations, has been hit by Russian strikes during the previous week.
Drones buzzing over the capital and smoke billowing in the early morning light were seen in social media video posts. Also audible in one report was the sound of continuous gunfire that appeared to be an attempt to shoot down a drone.
In the same central Kyiv neighborhood where a week ago a missile strike destroyed a playground, explosions were heard.
Andrii Yermak, the chief of the Ukrainian president’s office, posted on the social media platform Telegram that Russian forces had attacked Kyiv with Iranian Shahed drones.

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In recent weeks, Moscow has frequently attacked urban centers and infrastructure, including power plants, using so-called suicide drones.
After Russian forces were unable to take the capital at the start of the war, attacks in central Kyiv had decreased over the past few months.
The early-morning attacks last week were the first heard in Kyiv’s city center in a number of months, and they renewed tensions in Kyiv and throughout the rest of the nation as the war approaches its ninth month.
The explosions on Monday appeared to be a continuation of what many fear may start to happen more frequently in metropolitan areas.
According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the bombing of a bridge that connects the Crimean peninsula to the Russian mainland prompted last week’s attacks.
Mr. Putin accuses Ukraine of planning the explosion, which halted bridge traffic and limited Moscow’s use of the bridge to supply Russian soldiers in the southern Ukrainian districts they have controlled.
In recent days, combat has grown more intense in the eastern districts of Donetsk and Luhansk, and the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south around Kherson and Zaporizhzhia has coincided with the attack on Kyiv.


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