Russia ‘may not have sufficient reserves or morale’ to withstand further Ukraine assault

According to defense experts, it is uncertain whether Russian frontline forces have “sufficient reserves or adequate morale” to withstand another coordinated attack in eastern Ukraine.
According to British defense intelligence specialists, Moscow has set up a defensive line between the Oskil River and the town of Svatove as a result of the Ukrainians’ successful counteroffensive, which forced Moscow to give up large portions of its land.
The area is considered significant in part because it borders the Donbas region’s Luhansk region, which Russia has made one of its primary war objectives to “liberate.”
The experts claim that any significant loss of territory here would “unambiguously undercut” Vladimir Putin’s approach to the conflict.
According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), it is uncertain whether Russia’s frontline forces have the reserves or morale to fend off another coordinated Ukrainian assault in the country’s eastern regions.
It occurs at the same time that bodies have been discovered at a mass grave site close to the recently reclaimed city of Izium in the Kharkiv area from Moscow.

Children and adults, citizens and service members, were among the fatalities, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
Mr. Zelensky stated, “Tortured, shot, killed by bombardment.”
Even entire families, including a mother, father, and daughter, are interred there.
Lesia Vasylenko, a Ukrainian lawmaker, characterized the military retake of Izium as a “major strategic gain.”
She told Sky News that Ukraine was also making confident strides in the north and south east of the nation.
We are making progress not only for our own benefit but also for the benefit of restoring the continent’s long-established peace.
When asked what she believed Mr. Putin may do next, she responded, “Nobody can be in that power-crazed leader’s mind.

“Whatever it is, we have to be ready for it. We as Ukrainians have to be ready for it. You have to be ready for it in the UK,” she continued.
“And in fact, everyone in the world needs to be ready for the possibility that something dreadful, another insane act, could occur at any time.
“To do that, Ukrainians need to have the tools necessary to defend themselves, including the right kind of guns and ammunition.
“And the West ought to be ready to impose every sanction possible on Russia,” said the author.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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