Russia Now on ‘Defense,’ Ukraine Can ‘Pick Where They Attack’: Hertling

A satellite image shows destroyed Saky air base in Crimea, August 10, 2022. Planet Labs PBC/Handout via REUTERS

General Mark Hertling, a retired U.S. Army officer, stated on Saturday that as the two countries’ battle rages on, Russia is currently on “defensive” while Ukraine may “choose where they attack.”
He stated on Twitter in a thread that “early RU [Russia] goals were beyond their capability. Reducing the goals didn’t help. Now, RU’s defending in more places against a growing conventional UA [Ukraine] threat & an expanded guerilla war. UKR has transitioned to the offense & can pick where they attack; RU is now on the defense.

Above, Ukrainian servicemen sit on infantry fighting vehicles in the Donetsk region on Thursday 8 amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Retired U.S. Army General Mark Hertling said Saturday that Russia is currently on “defense” while Ukraine is able to “pick where they attack” as the war continues to rage on.
The former general continued, saying that Russian troops in Ukraine had shown themselves to be “poorly-led, ill-trained & with low morale” and unable to carry out combined arms operations (CAOs). CAOs are made up of infantry,
The fight has cost the army of Russian President Vladimir Putin several lives, including American Colin Kahl. An official from the Department of Defense estimated earlier this month that up to 80,000 injuries have occurred in Moscow in less than six months.
The British Ministry of Defense, however, stated this week that Russia’s failure to “enforce low-level battle discipline” had contributed to the country’s troops’ recent “poor performance,” adding that Russian tank crew mistakes caused “high attrition” in battle.
Hertling tweeted on Saturday, “Russia came into this conflict expecting they could perform a ‘Desert Storm-like offensive’ that would be finished in a few days. This was stupid.” “Given RU culture & systems, they aren’t capable of rectifying this,” the statement continued. “They lacked the leadership, training, and tools to accomplish it.”
According to Hertling, the Ukrainian military is “relatively” well-trained and has a strong morale due to continued backing from the country’s leadership and populace, but it lacks the organizations, equipment, or training necessary to carry out large-scale CAOs.

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