Russia’s Shoigu: Ukraine Committing ‘Nuclear Terrorism’ at Zaporizhzhia

FILE PHOTO: Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu holds talks with members of the Brazilian delegation, led by Foreign Minister Carlos Franca and Defence Minister Walter Souza Braga Netto, in Moscow, Russia February 16, 2022. REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov/Pool/File PhotoREUTERS
Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s minister of defense, warned on Friday that Ukraine’s bombardment of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power facility increased the danger of a nuclear war in Europe.
Shoigu referred to Ukraine’s nuclear activities as “nuclear terrorism” and denied claims made by Kiev and the West that Russia had placed heavy weaponry at Europe’s largest nuclear power station, which is located in southern Ukraine and has been under Russian control since March.

“We do not have heavy weapons on the territory of the nuclear power plant or in the surrounding areas. I hope the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission will be convinced of this,” Shoigu said in remarks published by the defence ministry.
On Thursday, an IAEA crew traveled to the plant to examine its operations and evaluate any damage.
Moscow and Kiev both claim the other attacked the facility. Reuters was unable to confirm reports from the battlefield.

Ukraine demands cold shower for Russian society

There ought to be none. “dolce vita” the Ukrainian prime minister claims, insisting on a visa restriction for Russians living in the West.
Denis Shmygal, the prime minister of Kiev, stated on Friday that Russians shouldn’t be let entry into Europe while their nation is at war with Ukraine.

As part of sanctions related to the situation in Ukraine, the EU earlier this week canceled a deal with Moscow that had previously let Russians to get travel visas to the Schengen Area through a streamlined process. However, despite requests from member nations like Finland and Estonia, Brussels refrained from enacting a complete visa ban.
Shmygal stated to the German news agency DPA that he thought more severe measures should be used against Russian tourists.
He stated, citing surveys that show strong public support in Russia for the military attack in Ukraine, “Unfortunately, this is not only Putin’s war.” The Russian people cannot be separated into good and bad people, he continued.
The Kiev leadership finds it “unbearable” that certain Russians can “create a lovely life in the West, go on vacations, live la dolce vita” while the conflict goes on.
In the form of a visa ban for visitors and students, Shmygal continued, “There should be a cold shower for the Russian society.”
Vladimir Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, made a similar appeal last month when he told the Washington Post that he wants to ban Russians from entering the West for at least a year. Until they alter their philosophical outlook, he advised them to “live in their own universe.”

Russia Has Lost Over 2,000 Tanks Since War Began—Ukraine

Children play on a T-72 tank with letter “Z”, a propaganda symbol of support for military invasion on Ukraine, during the finals of the tank biathlon at a military polygon, on August 27,2022, in Alabino, outside of Moscow, Russia. The International Army Games ARMi-2022, organized by Russian Ministry of Defense are running August 13-27 and taking place this year against the tense backdrop of war in Ukraine.
Since Vladimir Putin’s war started, ussia has lost more than 2,000 tanks and nearly 49,000 military troops, the Ukrainian military reported on Friday.
Ukrainian estimates of the overall losses Russia has sustained since the invasion started on February 24 were posted on the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Facebook page.

The report claims that as of Friday morning local time, 2,009 tanks have been destroyed, with 12 of those being destroyed just the day before.
According to the general staff, 48,700 members of the Russian military have died, with 350 soldiers losing their lives on Thursday and Friday morning.
4,366 armored fighting vehicles in all, 1,126 artillery pieces, and 853 unmanned aerial vehicles have all been destroyed.
Additionally, Ukraine reported that its armed forces had destroyed 234 aircraft, 205 helicopters, 15 ships or boats, 3,247 vehicles and fuel tankers, 198 cruise missiles, 289 air defense systems, 105 pieces of special equipment, and 153 anti-aircraft warfare systems.
The data could not be independently verified by Newsweek. Russian military losses are infrequently disclosed.
The last time data were made public by Moscow was on March 25, when a general told state media that 1,351 soldiers had died and 3,825 had been injured. The U.K. The administration reported that Russia had lost roughly 15,000 troops in April.


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