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Image: Be it Covid 19 or climate, Americans have to answer this essential question

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The fact that Sweden didn’t opt for a Corona-virus lockdown isn’t a sign of their competence when their incompetence can be felt in every part of the country, it’s just that their incompetence and inability to act in this particular instance actually might turn out to be the right policy.

Remember, they are socialists, if they knew a lockdown would kill more people than the virus, they would be all in for a lockdown.

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller

Democrats say they want “safe and effective” – even as as they push for incredibly dangerous and proven useless.


I Love Bill Gates

Video: Hoax Reality

What would it be like if you stopped thinking for yourself and believed everything the media tells you? Here’s what it might look like to be completely brainwashed by the news.


#COVID19 Through A Glass, Weekly

Trump Urges Nation To Pray For Recovery, Renewal After Coronavirus

Anxiety From Reactions to Covid-19 Will Destroy At Least Seven Times More Years of Life Than Can Be Saved by Lockdowns

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