Scientists Have Known For Centuries That The Sun Controls The Climate

By Tony Heller

In my previous article, I documented the NCAR director’s successful 1973 drought forecast based on sunspots. But he was by no means the first. Meteorologists had been making weather forecasts based on solar cycles much earlier.

16 Sep 1937

Modern climate scientists are too corrupt or stupid to recognize this relationship, and in their recent National Climate Assessment placed solar effects at 1%, and 0.0004 mole fraction CO2 at 99%.



Ice Doesn’t Lie – But NASA And NOAA Scientists Do


Before Trenberth, NCAR Did Actual Climate Science – Based On The Sun

Before Kevin Trenberth wrecked NCAR’s reputation with his junk climate science, NCAR was lead by Walter Orr Roberts – who did actual climate science.

In 1973, Roberts predicted a drought based on sunspot cycles.

27 Sep 1973, Page 38 – El Paso Herald-Post at

The drought occurred, exactly as he predicted.


The summer of 1976 was the warmest and driest on record in England.

29 Aug 1976, Page 11 – Statesman Journal at

By 1977, California was experiencing their worst drought on record.

TimesMachine: March 8, 1977 –

Roberts’ climate forecasts were golden, and unlike Trenberth, Roberts released actual temperature data – measured by actual thermometers.

21 Jul 1974, 13 – The Des Moines Register at

In 1951, Roberts discovered a critical relationship between solar activity and climate.


Roberts’ solar studies were a key part of allied success during WWII, because he was able to predict when German and Japanese communications would be disrupted by solar flares.

13 Feb 1946 – The Coronagraph – Trove

Sadly, Roberts memory has been disrespected by allowing junk scientist Kerry Emanuel to speak at the Walter Orr Roberts lecture in Boulder this year. The graph below is his fake CO2 based hurricane forecast.

Climate science has been completely wrecked by incompetent hacks like Gore, Hansen, Trenberth, Schmidt, Mann and Hayhoe.

15 Oct 1997, Page 5 – The Daily Journal at

But in the past there were actual climate scientists doing actual science.



100% Data Tampering

What kind of a problem would need FAKE and manipulated documentation?

Look at all these “Climate Agreements.” We continue to lose money, prosperity and freedom while the CO2 level continue to increase, when do we say enough??