Secret court ordered a woman who was trapped in body of a child to be medicated without her knowledge

  • A woman trapped in a girl’s body was ‘covertly’ given hormones by a judge
  • The woman, who had not reached puberty, was put into a care home in 2019
  • A judge decided the mother of ‘A’ had not wanted the 23 year-old to grow up
  • Details have emerged because campaigners wrote on the case after a hearing
On the directives of a judge sitting in private, hormone therapy was administered “covertly” to a woman imprisoned in a girl’s body.
The judge came to the conclusion that her mother didn’t want her daughter to grow up since she hadn’t sought assistance for her failure to go through puberty.
The young woman, who may only be identified as “A,” was placed into a care facility in 2019 due to her mother’s harmful influence since she was unable to make decisions for herself.
The decision to administer the 23-year-old with the hormone therapy she required to mature into an adult was made by judges following sessions that were held behind the backs of A’s mother and relatives.
When she declined the prescription, it was covertly substituted in food and beverages.
A successfully went through puberty and developed the body of an adult woman during the course of these two years.
Her mother was ignorant of her physical changes and could only communicate with her daughter by phone under strict supervision.

Campaigners from the Open Justice Court of Protection Project blogged about the case after attending an early hearing, which led to the disclosure of details.
Mr Justice Poole, sitting in the Court of Protection, brought an end to the secrecy last month by telling the mother what had been happening behind her back.
In order to report the case without identifying anyone, he also loosened limitations. He also prohibited the mother from discussing the treatment with her daughter.
Since it is in A’s best interests, the medication is still being administered discreetly, but A’s mother has agreed to help, and authorities are working to switch to ‘open’ treatment at home.
In the interest of transparent justice and because it seemed unlikely that the patient would learn what was happening via the media or social media, the judge determined that the case should now be published.
Although they are from the “north of England,” neither the family nor the participating NHS Trust can be named.
A doctor informed the judge that A had the “fundamental human right of every girl to grow into a woman” and that her future was “very gloomy” without the hormone therapy. A’s moderate Asperger’s, epilepsy, primary ovarian failure, and vitamin D deficiency were all disclosed to the court.
Due to the “deprivation of liberty; administering medication against a person’s wishes and without their knowledge; draconian restrictions on contact between family members; and the right to a hearing at which all parties are provided with the same information,” according to Professor Celia Kitzinger of the Open Justice Court of Protection Project, the case is a matter of public concern.


by: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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