SERIAL KILLER: What did Edward Wayne Edwards do?

“After getting away with murder for over three decades, one of the FBI’s most wanted shocks investigators when he readily admits to five murders; his son discloses a family life on the run and his attempts to step out of an evil father’s shadow.”

After his own daughter, April Balascio, provided information to law enforcement in 2009 that helped them identify her violent father, Ed Edwards—a serial killer who was convicted and later passed away naturally on execution row—confessed to five killings. He has previously been listed as one of the FBI’s top ten most wanted individuals for robberies, arson, and jail breakouts.

YOUTUBE VIDEO: EXCLUSIVE (PART 3): Edward Wayne Edwards talks about four other murders
The cold cases and mysterious murders reappeared once his daughter linked his crimes to the killings that took place decades before, and this time, investigators knew who the murderer was. All of it began when April got in touch with law enforcement and shared unsettling information regarding the 1980 Wisconsin slaying of two youngsters.


Despite the fact that the Norton murders marked the beginning of a killing spree, the confession didn’t surface until after the first murder, that of 19-year-old Tim Hack and 19-year-old Kelly Drew in Concord, Wisconsin, in 1980. When his daughter made the connection between the horrible killings in Watertown that occurred during the brief time his family lived there, the old cold case that had been unsolved for decades brought him to his knees. At the moment, she was 11 years old.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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