Shelley Luther, American Patriot? Jailed for Re-Opening Her Dallas Salon

Image: Horowitz: Shelley Luther is a civil rights hero

Update: Texas Supreme Court orders release of jailed salon owner who illegally reopened

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Video: Bill Whittle


Shelley Luther re-opened her Salon à la Mode business in Dallas after a month of no income for her family, and her 19 employees, but before the lock-down order was lifted. She tore up County Judge (Executive) Clay Jenkins’ cease and desist order at a public demonstration. In court, she refused to apologize to District Judge Eric Moyé to avoid a jail term. At this moment, she’s serving a seven-day sentence for violating a temporary restraining order. A GoFundMe page started for her has raised more than $500,000 as of 5/7/20 at 7:23 a.m. Texas Time. Shelley Luther Fund

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