Shhhhh!!! Global temperatures were warmer last summer, and summer before that

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Summer is the season where temperatures have historically hovered around a comfortable 70 degrees most days while occasionally reaching a slightly warm 80 degrees. Perhaps the Deep South would rarely reach 85 degrees in during a historic heatwave before global warming. But now summers are hot – real hot. And global warming is to blame. At least that is the message conveyed by the establishment media, trying to reprogram impressionable readers and viewers into believing this summer marks the beginning of a global warming apocalypse.

Here are just a few of the recent headlines:

“Our climate plans are in pieces as killer summer shreds records,” screams an Aug. 5 CNN headline (

“Scorching Summer in Europe Signals Long-Term Climate Changes,” claims an Aug. 4 New York Times headline (

“Climate change is supercharging a hot and dangerous summer,” warns a July 26 Washington Post headline (

“Record-breaking heat and fires are worsened by climate change,” lectures a July 28 CBS News headline (

And then there is our personal favorite, “Global heat, fires and floods: How much did climate change fuel that hellish July?” asks the July 31 USA Today. ( (If you can’t guess what USA Today’s answer is, you need an extreme intervention.)

Science is the enemy of global warming alarmists. And objective scientific data is that enemy on steroids. Let’s take a look at what the scientific data reveal:


The above chart represents global temperatures as measured by NASA satellite instruments. Global temperatures were warmer last year (including last summer) and the year before that in comparison to 2018 and this summer. Each year there are regional differences that make some areas of the globe warmer than others.

It turns out that temperatures this summer happen to be regionally warmer among the population centers of North America and Europe. As a result, even as global temperatures are lower this year and lower this summer than the past two years and summers, the media can take advantage of regional variances to mislead people in America and Europe into believing summertime temperatures this year illustrate record-breaking, global warming-infused heat. And, of course, the media conveniently fail to mention that 2017 and 2016 summer temperatures in American population centers were relatively cool.

There are a couple more points about the above graph that deserve mentioning. The satellite data start in 1979, which was the end of a 30-year cooling period. As such, global temperatures would be expected to rebound from that cool period and grow warmer from 1979 through 2018. Also, the total warming during the past 40 years has been merely 0.5 degrees Celsius (approximately 1 degree Fahrenheit). That amount of warming is barely noticeable, if noticeable at all, without sensitive and precise scientific instruments taking the measurements.

When it comes to global warming, the establishment media love to hype. Summertime is a perfect time for that hype. But don’t believe the hype; believe the scientific data.


Record Heat Everywhere, Why are Northern Hemisphere Temperatures Balanced?

Record heat in Portugal and 0.2F above normal water in California, which matches 1931 Dust Bowl era temperatures. But looking at all northern hemisphere temperatures, not just where the media wants you to look, you will find an enormous amount of below normal temperatures that balance total temperatures to 0.0C across the entire N. Hemisphere. Incredible as that sounds, lets take a look.

There is nothing unusual about global warming (AKA climate change)

Look at how many periods of warmth our planet has enjoyed during the past 10,000 years alone.

Civilizations flourished during those warm periods and collapsed when they ended.

Did humans cause the Minoan warm period of of about 3,300 years ago? No.

Did humans cause the Roman warm period of about 2,100 years ago? No.

Did humans cause the Medieval warm period of about 1,000 years ago? No.

What about all of those other warm periods? Should we blame Fred Flintstone, perhaps?

Now look at where we are today (at the far right side of the graph).

Temperatures trending down, down down

Temperatures have been trending downward for the past 3,300 years.

If that downward trend continues, we could be in a heap of trouble. While our leaders keep on taxing us to fight ‘global warming,’ we could be blindsided by an ice age.

As far as I’m concerned, all this talk about human-caused global warming is sheer nonsense, if not downright fraud. The record shows that periods of warmth – and periods of cold – hit our planet with almost consistent regularity.


The above chart is based on data from GISP2 (Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2). GISP2 drilled cores into the Greenland ice more than  3000 meters (almost 2 miles) deep, allowing scientists to study climate variability for the past 125,000 years.



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